The Beginning

Founded in 1994, in Minneapolis MN, Nu-Pak has seen its fair share of growth. Coming from humble beginnings with an idea to offer contract packaging for customers with food converting requirements, Nu-Pak was born. Nu-Pak has seen expansive growth since then, moving to Boscobel WI. in 1999 in a move to expand their offerings and add new leadership to the team. A creamery building was modified to a food converting plant and started with 26 employees. Nu-Pak started out in Boscobel specializing in pepperoni slicing. It’s ability to meet the customers’ demands and expectations quickly moved the business into the Cheese shredding world. It is here that Nu-Pak found its foundation for becoming a World Class Food Converting company. Being USDA and FDA/WDA certified, Nu-Pak found that business demand was growing faster than anticipated.

In 2005

Nu-Pak added 41,000 square feet to the original plant in order to accept new business and add more capabilities. Nu-Pak began to offer pillow pouching, horizontal form /fill and seal, re-closable stand up zipper pouching, easy peel packaging and tray assembly. Throughout the growth, Nu-Pak has always stayed true to their vision of producing Safe Food, exceeding customer expectations and being an integral partner in new product development.

In 2010

Nu-Pak welcomed the challenge of the GFSI certification process and has been awarded the highest rating for food plants recognized by the British Retail Consortium, BRC, each year since. This Annual Certification is further proof of Nu-Pak, Inc.’s commitment to high quality Safe Food products.

In 2013

Nu-Pak opened its newly acquired 137,000 sq. ft. North Plant facility which dramatically increased packaging capabilities by expanding our offerings into tray sealing. This move not only added the ability to expand our capabilities, but also become one of the few companies in the United States that is able to package peanut/tree nuts with meat and cheese, or be USDA certified with peanuts. This move quickly set Nu-Pak apart from its competition. Our customer driven business model that helps customers meet their production needs in a cost effective manner has proven to be a very successful model for Nu-Pak. Nu-Pak is proud of its past and is always looking for great business partners to help us move forward in the future.


Nu-Pak enjoys continued growth through our known customer service model and excellence in food safety. Nu-Pak currently employees 450 employees and is excited to see where the future will take us.

BRC Food Certificated

Nu-Pak, Inc. is FSMA Compliant and GFSI / BRC Certified with the highest rating achievable each year for 2010 – 2018.